Hailing from South Bend, Indiana, Rap specialist RPG collides lyrical street rap with stories of pain and trauma – delving into the dark underbelly of his personal psyche. His tracks are packed with emotion and lyrical firepower, touching on various themes that range all the way from heated anger to vulnerability and sadness. Above all, RPG channels his past and present into a punchy and aggressive sound that is equal parts raw and real.

Growing up in South Bend laid the foundations for RPG entering the Rap game. The city has always harbored a cruel contradiction of having all the major pitfalls of a major city, but with none of the opportunities. Inevitably, this led RPG to where he is today – in a position to speak his truth from the underdog’s point of view. For RPG, he states that “had I been born somewhere else, I honestly don’t know if I would’ve been a rapper at all – probably a doctor or lawyer.”

RPG’s journey into the Rap game began way back in 2002, over two decades ago, as he would rap at the lunch table in 6th grade. These beginnings, while modest and humble, would go on to light his creative spark, and it wasn’t long before it began to manifest into a deeply personal and cathartic release.

Today, that fire inside of him is still well and truly alight, and rising in temperature with each and every release he’s put out so far. RPG has put out a slew of mixtapes throughout the years, and worked with a number of respected artists in the industry, including Montana 300, Troy Ave, King Los, Joel Ortiz, Wifisfuneral, and more.

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What people are saying about RPG:

"RPG is an incredible musician who creates electric music that is easy to vibe to. All his releases are incredible and addictive."
Joe R.
"I absolutely adore listening to RPG. He is a fantastic musician with incredible vocal ability."
Drew T.
"I really like his style; he doesn't just make music; he makes an atmosphere with it, and his lyrics are spot on."
Liam G.


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